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Governor signs amendments to Statute 493

As of June 16, 2014, Governor Rick Scott has signed the DOL's Bill amending §493, Florida Statutes. Most significantly, the Bill permits Class "G" Licensees the additional option of carrying either a .40 caliber handgun or a .45 ACP handgun during the performance of their duties and allows Class "D" licensees to work in plain clothes without waivers or limitation of assignment while providing bodyguard or executive protection services. This legislation will officially become law on July 1st 2014. We express our thanks to Division Director Grea Beavis and Commissioner Putnam for supporting FASCO in our efforts to pass this important industry legislation. Director Beavis has been a powerful advocate of the DOL's Bill, working diligently to gain support for and ultimately ensure this legislation passed. Because of Director Beavis' hard work, this endeavor has become a success and he is to be commended for this victory.

Here is the language now incorporated into §493:

493.6115 Weapons and firearms.—

(6) In addition to any other firearm approved by the department, a licensee who has been issued a Class "G" license may carry a .38 caliber revolver; or a .380 caliber or 9 millimeter semiautomatic pistol; or a .357 caliber revolver with .38 caliber ammunition only; or a .40 caliber handgun; or a .45 ACP handgun while performing duties authorized under this chapter.

493.6305 Uniforms, required wear; exceptions.—

(4) Class "D" licensees who are also Class "G" licensees and who are performing bodyguard or executive protection services may carry their authorized firearm concealed while in nonuniform as needed in the conduct of such services.

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